QPNC Non-Cycling Dryer Best Suited For Smaller Systems Expecting Fairly Constant Loads These units use a two-stage heat exchanger to maintain consistent dew points. Freeze-ups are prevented and optimum performance is maintained. The QPNC non-cycling compressed air dryers work by lowering the air temperature to 39°F, which causes the condensation of entrained moisture. The moisture is then directed to the specially designed moisture separator, where all liquids are removed. The cold, dry compressed air then returns through the first-stage heat exchanger for reheating by the incoming warm air.
The QPNC is equipped with a non-cycling control panel, which provides easy and efficient operation. It also includes zero loss drains for maximum energy efficiency. The 10-year heat exchange warranty gives you comprehensive protection and peace of mind.
  • 39°F dewpoint
  • 10 – 4,000 cfm
  • 150 psig max