The Quincy Mist Eliminator is a heavy-duty coalescing type filter engineered to efficiently remove oil, particulate, and water from compressed air. By using a combination of impaction, interception and Brownian Movement, the Quincy Mist Eliminator achieves 100% efficiency in removing particles 3 micron and larger, 99.98% of 0.1 micron and larger and 99.5% of 0.01 micron and larger. Typical pressure drop is less than 1 psig. Average element life in continuous service is 10 years.
At a Glance
  • Double element design
  • 10-Year average element life
  • Large tank volume
  • Pressure drop less than 1 psig
  • Enamel paint
Up Close
  • 150 psig maximum
  • 250 – 15,000 cfm
  • ASME coded/stamped tank
  • Differential pressure gauge
  • Standard 1-Year warranty