Garlock Gaskets and Gasket Sheet Material have remained the gold standard of sealing for over 125 years with good reason: Our products are made using unique, proprietary materials developed through years of experience to offer unrivaled sealability, reducing service calls and increasing uptime, even under the most extreme conditions.

Garlock gaskets are offered in a wide range of materials and configurations, including GYLON® Restructured PTFE, Compressed Fiber, GRAPH-LOCK®  Flexible Graphite, THERMa-PUR® Extreme Temperature, High-Performance Premium Rubber, Metallic Gaskets, Non-Metallic Cut Gaskets, and the new TUFF-RAIL®  Tank Car Manway Gaskets.

Available in a wide range of materials, including PTFE, Compressed Fiber, Flexible Graphite, and Premium Rubber to provide a sealing solution for
ASME Standard Metallic Gaskets for every application: extreme temperatures, high pressures, and aggressive chemicals.
Leveraging the breadth of our gasket sheet material portfolio, Garlock® non-metallic gaskets are offered in ASME standard sizes as well as cut to customer
Exceptional sealing performance for pharmaceutical and food processing applications.

Designed to fit the most common manways and constructed from industry proven Gylon® material, TUFF-RAIL® manway gaskets provide