Oil Seals

Garlock® KLOZURE® Oil Seals Configured to Meet Industry Requirements

KLOZURE® Oil seals from Garlock® KLOZURE® are available in a wide variety of configurations to meet the requirements of major industries. MILL-RIGHT® materials are used on all elastomeric seals for superior bearing protection. KLOZURE® Oil Seals are available in more than 50 different styles in sizes from ¼” to over 90″, solid or split, metal-cased or all-rubber. KLOZURE® Oil Seals have had a strong brand presence in the U.S. since the 1920’s. Today they are also manufactured and branded in China and Germany. Technology has advanced over the years, and the oil seals are now available in MILL-RIGHT® elastomers which provide longer service life than their predecessors.

All Oil Seals

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External Lip Oil Seals

For static shafts to seal a rotating bore.

Heavy Duty Metal Case Seals

Get ultimate bore retention for various applications, including steel mills, paper mills, and mining.

Heavy Duty Rubber OD Seals

Easy installation in either direction without lip rollover for effective sealing, even on imperfect housings.

PTFE Shaft Seals

Ideal with harsh chemical, food contact, dry running, or high-pressure applications.

Split Oil Seals

V-Ring Excluder Seals

Exclude contamination. Can be used in conjunction with oil seals where contamination exclusion and lubricant retention are required.