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VAPPRO 844 has been hailed as a technical breakthrough in corrosion control -a revolutionary 
corrosion inhibitor, that inhibits ferrous metals against corrosion in seawater. Vappro 844 
protects metals in sea water with salinity up to 3.5% and with chloride content up to 
19,000 ppm. It eliminates the dependence of using fresh water for hydrotesting of storage 
tanks and piping systems.

With the introduction of Vappro 844 hydrotests, can now be carried out safely with sea water
onboard ships, rigs, offshore equipment, pipes and storage tanks without experiencing the dire
consequences of corrosion. Ballast tanks can now be protected without the need of using oil
or solvent.

Simply flood the ballast tank with sea water and add 0.1 percent of Vappro 844 by weight
to the volume of sea water in the ballast tank.

Vappro 844 has found considerable application as a corrosion inhibitor in low concentrations,
and is effective in protecting ferrous metals against corrosion in sea water. It does not contain
chromates or nitrites and is essentially non-toxic.

          VAPPRO 848
          VCI POWDER 

Vappro 848 is a unique formulation Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor Powder for dry corrosion 
protection of metals in recessed areas, interior cavities and voids.

Vappro 848 has found considerable application as a corrosion inhibitor in low concentrations,
and is effective in protecting multi-metals from corrosion. It does not contain chromates or
nitrites. It is an excellent anti-corrosion additive for heat transfer fluids.

Vappro 848 is easy to apply and can easily be removed by compressed air or flushing with water.



Vappro 828 eliminates the need to inventory a variety of papers for each of the different types
of metal you want to protect. Vappro 828 is environmentally acceptable for use.  It is non-toxic
and biodegradable.


Vappro 849 is a water-soluble V.C.I. powder with superior corrosion inhibitor for wet or dry
corrosion protection of ferrous metals and aluminum.

Vappro 849 offers low dosage effectiveness as a treatment for closed loop cooling system,
hydrotesting and wide variety of marine process applications.

It is 100% free of nitrites and heavy metals. VAPPRO 849 is an excellent replacement for all
nitrites based inhibitors.