PSI_Corrosion Protection/Sealings


Product Application Range Advantages
Heat Shrink Material.png
Heat Shrink Material
(System Canusa)


Canusa High Shrink Sleeves are superior performance
heat shrinkable products designed for corrosion
protection of flanges, casings, bell and spigot joints
and other high profile couplings. For corrosion
protection and sealing of all common pipeline joints
and fittings.


- Flexible & Reliable Installation
- Long-Term Corrosion Protection
- Assured Performance 

Preinsulated Pipe


The Canusa Superseal™ Sleeve is a high performance
heat shrinkable product for the sealing of pre-insulated
pipe joints. It is specifically designed for pipes and
casings made from high density polyethylene,
for district heating applications where soil stress and
pipe movements are common.


- Long Term Sealing Protection
- Flexible & Reliable Installation
- Assured Performance 

Anti-Corrosion Tapes


PSI anti-corrosion tapes have been specially developed
for high-quality, onsite corrosion protection for joints, 
in cases where the pipeline has already been installed.

The material is easy, safe and quick to apply on
welded joints, bends and other complicated shapes. 


- System for high quality coating of field-welded
joints, complete pipes,bends and complicated 
shaped parts in all pipe diameters.

- System for application on field-welded joints, 
complete pipes, bends and complicated shaped
parts up to ND 600.Because of the system’s 
high flexibility. 

Corrosion protection tape
Espansit 60


This tape was specially developed to provide effective
corrosion protection for irregularly shaped steel
pipeline components, such as T-joints and
weld-on T-joints.


- Highly flexible butyle anti-corrosion-tape for
complicated shapes like valves or fittings.
- primer is required. 
- It should be applied with a 50% overlap

Petrolatum and bitumen.png
and bitumen tapes


The traditional corrosion protection systems for
underground pipelines, especially for complicated
shapes like valves and fittings. Systems for low
requirements for temperature and mechanical


- The PSI ISO petrolatum tape is suitable for pipeline
coating. It can be used for house connections and
fittings, but is particularly suitable for complicated
parts such as T-pieces in connection.
- The PSI ISO bitumen tape - GG is made for coating 
field-welded joints and fittings, and, in particular,
for complicated parts such as flanges and T-pieces.

STOPAQ® 4100/


Corrosion protection compound
- FN 4100 for subsurface applications as a filler
- FN 4200 corrosion protection compound for
aboveground applications between connecting flanges
- STOPAQ® CZ tape, corrosion protection tape
for complicated parts 


- STOPAQ® is a soft, paste-like compound which never
fully hardens and can therefore easily be removed
even after years
- STOPAQ® is waterproof and airtight,environmentally
friendly and nontoxic. 
- STOPAQ® is easy to apply.