Overhaul Repair



Compressor Service provides a comprehensive maintenance package that ensures high availability and optimum compressor performance. Maintenance of compressors with "Added Value".

Our compressor service covers:

  • Inspection, repair and overhaul of reciprocating and screw compressors according to
    the applied maintenance strategy
  • Supervision and execution of maintenance activities
  • Joint development of optimal maintenance strategy 
  • Improvement and upgrade proposals during maintenance activities


Your benefits :

  • Increase of compressor availability and reliability
  • Unique working standards
  • Well trained, highly experienced compressor service personell next-door


Features of Factory Overhaul and Repair:

  • Engineering expertise
  • Precision machining
  • Expert assembly
  • Sand blasting
  • Performance testing
  • Trim and balancing
  • Hydrostatic pressure testing
  • Coordinate measuring machine
  • Failure analysis
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Welding
  • Original B.O.M. and drawings
  • Specialized tooling
  • Specialized hands-on training