Metal Expansion Joints


         Function of Metal Expansion Joints

Fabric expansion joints are used for absorbing movements between joining connections in ga
conveying ducts and pipe-lines. The movements can be caused by thermal expansion of the
ducting system, wind conditions or vibrations from other system components or machines.
In addition, fabric expansion joints can serve as seals and compensate for installation misalignments.

            LBH METAL EXPANSION JOINTS cover any application where Fabric Expansion Joints are not suitable, mainly due to pressure conditions.
As for all LBH products the focus is on superior quality and special design solutions. The Metal Expansion Joints are designed according to
EN14917, 13445-3 and EJMA.

            STANDARD DESIGNS are Axial-, Lateral-, Angular and Universal Expansion Joints. The circular designs come in standard sizes from
a 50 mm diameter up to 5000 mm diameter. The rectangular designs are manufactured with rounded, sharp or camera corners.

            The expansion joints are manufactured as multi-ply bellows and can be combined into double expansion joints and fitted with
tie rods, inner sleeves and other accessories if required.

            CUSTOMIZED DESIGNS include hinged expansion joints, gimbal expansion joints and pressure balanced expansion joints as well as
a complete range of penetration seals for boiler tube outlet service.

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Material Selection Guidelines

        Selection of the bellows material is the single most important factor to be considered in the design of an expansion joint. 
Some of the factors, which influence the selection process, are as follows.

Factors Consideration
A. Corrosion properties >> Process media
>> Surrounding environment
>> Internal cleaning agents
B. Mechanical properties >> High temperature service
>> Cryogenic service 
>> Operating stresses 
C. Manufacturing properties >> Forming and cold working capabilities
>> Cost and material availability 

       *** It is of critical importance for our engineers to have access to all the facts surrounding the bellows application before a material is selected.

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