Inorganic Fiber Gasketing

       This versatile gasketing is ideal for standard ANSI flanged connectors, as well as turbine crossover piping connectors. It is suitable for steam, oil, grease, water and heat transfer fluids in power generation, chemical processing, hydrocarbon processing and other industries.

Garlock IFG 5500

•  Gray color, nitrile binder

•  Inorganic, asbestos-free fibers

•  Offer Water,saturated steam, aliphatic

hydrocarbon, Oil, gasoline, mild acids and

alkalies applications... Read more

Garlock IFG 5507

•  Sage color, EPDM binder

•  Inorganic, asbestos-free fibers

•  Offer Water, saturated steam, mild

chemical and mild alkalies 

applications... Read more

Garlock ST 706

•  White color, nitrile binder

•  Inorganic, asbestos-free fibers

•  Offer superior performance in saturated and

superheated steam applications... Read more