This gasketing provides a tighter seal, with reduced product loss and emissions and improved performance over conventional PTFE. It is offered in the largest sheet sizes in the industry and cuts costs through reduced fluid loss, inventory costs, energy consumption, waste and maintenance.

Garlock 3500

•  Fawn color with black brand

•  PTFE with silica filler     

•  Chemical with Strong Acid application


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Garlock 3504

•  Blue color with black brand

•  PTFE with glass microsphere composition   

•  Chemical with moderate concentrations of

acid and some caustics. applications

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Garlock 3510

•  Off-white with black brand

•  PTFE with barium sulfate composition 

•  Chemical with strong caustics and moderate   

acids applications              

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Garlock 3545

•  White with black brand

•  Microcellular PTFE with rigid inner core 

•  Highly compressible PTFE outer layers seal

under low bolt load - suitable for many

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Garlock 3560

•  Fawn color

•  Perforated stainless steel core increases         

resistance to pressure fluctuations and

thermal cycling                         

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Garlock 3565

•  ENVELON® Gasketing

•  PTFE with glass filler

•  Moderate concentrations of acids and caustics,

hydrocarbons, solvents, cryogenics, and

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